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The essential features of a top quality spirit level are the vials which should be shockproof and virtually unbreakable, and the method of fixing the vials into the body so that they cannot work loose. The body should be tough, robust and stable and the working faces should be accurately ground.

An accuracy tolerance of ± 1mm per metre or 0.057° is often quoted.

This tolerance indicates that the work will not be more than a maximum of 1mm per metre out of true if it has been levelled with the bubble central between the two gauge lines. 

The Types of Levels Available are:

Automatic Optical Levels

A precision instrument based on a series of optical mirrors, one of which is pendulum mounted.

A horizontal datum can be established by matching a split image of a target mounted on a calibrated staff.

The rise and fall of land can be measured as well as establishing level points and gradients.

Boat Levels

This type of level is often used by scaffolders.

Box Section Levels

Box section body levels are traditionally used by carpenters and bricklayers as they are easy to clean. Traditionally made from tubular box section aluminium.

Digital Levels

Digital levels present objective positive data on an LCD.

Girder Section Levels

A girder section body level  with hand holes is traditionally used by bricklayer's for ease of handling with wet hands.

Laser Levels

A laser level is a spirit level with a buil-in laser module which extends greatly its range by emitting a concentrated beam onto a target surface.

Line Levels

Line levels are small, lightweight, and are for use with builders lines.

Magnetic Base Levels

Magnetic base levels are for use on ferrous materials where the level can be attached to the material so that the material may be adjusted with both hands.

Scaffolder's Levels

Generally made from die-cast aluminium, magnetic models are also available.

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