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A range of good quality hammers from leading brands.

Range includes:

Claw Hammers: This is a nail hammer, for driving and removing nails.

Brick Hammers: A hammer with a head of approximately 24oz this is used by a bricklayer. It has a square striking face used for tapping bricks into place and a sharp chisel end for cutting bricks to shape.

Club Hammers: These are square headed, stubby hammers usually with a 10 inch handle. Used for heavy hammering, with cold chisels and brick bolsters.

Dead Blow Hammers: These hammers are intended to avoid rebound and recoil. the head is hollow and filled approx to half its capacity with metal shot so that, when the hammer is swung, the shot stays at the back but as it strikes the surface shot follows through to sustain the blow and prevent the coil.

Engineers Ball Pein Hammers: These hammers are used for striking metal objects. The most popular model has a flat face at one end and a ball at the other end.

Ripping Hammers: This hammer is similar to the curved claw hammer but with a straight claw, used for levering up boards.

Scutch Hammers: These are available in 2 types single scutch or double scutch. Similar in shape to the brick hammer.

Sledge Hammers: A long handled and heavier version of the club hammer. Used for all demolition purposes or where a very strong blow is required.

Warrington Hammers: Sometimes called joiners or cross pein - these are hammers for driving nails or pins.


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