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Estwing manufactured in the USA since 1923, the Estwing hammers are solid forged from a single piece allowing the hammers with perfect balance, strength and durability. An extensive range of hammers from standard curved claw through to axes, lapidary tools and speciality hammers.

Two styles of handles have become synonymous with the Estwing name. The traditional leather handle, manufactured from compressed leather rings and the new blue nylon vinyl grip, which is bonded onto the hammer shaft and durability.

Estwing introduced the new shock reduction grip that provides their customers with the best available grip for reducing vibration caused by impact.

The Estwing hammer range has patented innovation to the best standards for ergonomically correct hammers for the professional tradesman and diy enthusiasts.

Estwing Hammer Range:
  • Brick & Mortar Hammers
  • Claw Hammers Steel Shaft
  • Club Hammers
  • Drywall Hammers
  • Geologist Pick Hammers
  • Hand Axes
  • Tack Hammers
  • Claw Hammers Fibreglass Shaft
  • Claw Hammers Wooden Shaft
  • Demolition, Handy & Utility Bars
  • Framing Hammers
  • Hammer Holders
  • Roofers & Slaters Hammers
  • Weight Forward Hammers


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